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welcome to my site. i wanna make it a blog but knowing my incompetence that will take a while... watch this for wisdom and good luck in your future.

things i like!

favorite bands

  1. kero kero bonito
  2. magdalena bay
  3. hokago tea time
  4. LISTEN TO KKB!!!!
  5. i suck at html the only experience i have with it is a compsci class i took my freshman year where i had 3 different teachers for the school year. because they kept quitting. i don't even think the final teacher i had for the class stayed there very long. so if you somehow find this... i'm sorry. it seems fun though so i will try my hardest! i'm excited to work on this more. i have a lot of thoughts... if you couldn't tell by the amount of text i put in this useless little paragraph. bai